Thursday Night Cru



The weekly meeting of Cru is a campus wide event and open to all students and faculty. The room is filled with 300-400 people; a solid band leads music and worship; students and guest speakers talk about Jesus, life, spiritual growth, the Bible and what it means to be in genuine Christian community. The platforms for talks are the topics and issues relevant to the life and spiritual growth of college students.

The meeting is the foyer of our movement offering a place for people to ask questions, build friendships and get connected to small group communities and campus/world wide events. We are a Christian movement, yet our meetings are intended to be a place for all IU students to come, hear, consider what it means to have God in their lives while on the college campus.

Location for Thurs. March 27: Woodburn 100

Time: 8pm

See Calendar for all Thursday locations and events this semester!


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