Jesus Without Religion

Jesus Without Religion

“The person of Jesus remains uncharted territory, simply the etched contour of an enormous land-mass, with a cross scribbled somewhere in the interior.”
-Rick James, Jesus Without Religion

Yeah, Jesus was an important guy in the Bible who did amazing things. But leaving out the religion tied to him– who exactly was Jesus? The different denominations of churches and opinions and rumors are constantly filling our heads with different ideas of who Christ really was. How are we supposed to know which is true? Especially when certain rumors have been circulating that he was a Democrat, a Nordic Viking, the first known stockbroker…

Good thing we have Rick James to come clear this up.

Jesus Without Religion Book

James, a traveling speaker for Cru, is coming to the Whittenberg Auditorium on Tuesday, Nov. 5 at 8:30 pm to dive into the character of Jesus with a discussion based on his book, Jesus Without Religion. He said, “Jesus Without Religion is a very up-to-date look at the person of Jesus. Stuff you never knew – things you’ve never heard, and the promise that when you leave, believe it or not, you’ll understand Jesus as well as the Gospels.”

James says that the question he gets most often is, ‘Isn’t Jesus simply like any other religious leader?’ To which he says, “Jesus is often lumped in with other great religious leaders, including Moses, Muhammad, and Buddha. But frankly he doesn’t fit…his claim to be God makes him different altogether.”

He will address the different misconceptions of Christ and introduce to us the man behind the millions of labels and descriptions we associate with him, followed by a question and answer session.

Invite your friends, coworkers, professors, anyone. This is an event you won’t want to miss. “I promise, agree or disagree with me, you will definitely not be bored,” James says. “And whether you believe or not, you’ll come away thinking, ‘I get it, I understand what Jesus was all about.’”

Tuesday, Nov. 5. Whittenberg Auditorium. Be there. It’s going to be an awesome way to truly discover the man that Jesus is and get to know the heart behind the miracles. See you all there!

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