Getting to know: Cru’s Emcee Kelsey Smith

Meet Kelsey Smith!

A few weeks ago, Kelsey told a story about her Freshman year at IU. She was a fresh face to campus, confused about which turn to take her to her classes and walked around in the smoldering heat with her giant backpack’s accordion like compartments and a campus map permanently attached to her finger tips.

Now, starting into her senior year, Kelsey admits that she still doesn’t know where anything is, but the Social Work Major and Psychology Minor knows one thing for sure: who she is. That is what all of you are going to find out.

Be ready to learn all about Kelsey Smith because she has a lot to share.

1. The #1 song currently playing on Kelsey’s iPod is:

“The Cave by Mumford and Sons.”


2. Night or Morning Person?

“I am 150% a night person. Me + mornings = not friends”

3. Her favorite show as a kid:

” My favorite show as a kid was definitely Barney. The only exception to that was when I was watching Rug-Rats, Rocket Power, and the Wild Thornberrys.”


4. Her favorite movie and TV show now:

“One of my favorite movies is Tuesdays With Maury (look it up if you haven’t seen it!) and my favorite show I think is NCIS.”


5. Where she plans to be in 10 years:

“In ten years I want to be married, have a couple kids, be involved in a ministry of some kind, be a member of an awesome church, and be in a job where I work with people with disabilities.”

6. Top 3 things on her bucket list:

“The top three things on my bucket list would be: 1) Go snorkeling in barrier reef 2) Own a baby blue 67’ Camero 3) Explore Hawaii.”


7. Where she wants to travel:

“I would love to travel to Croatia!”


8. Why she got involved with Cru:

“I knew I wanted to join Cru after the first Check Out Cru party my freshman year. Hearing people my age talk about how passionate they were about the gospel got me so excited about my relationship with God. They talked about getting more involved so I joined a bible study. As I journeyed through my freshman year, I found plenty of things to get involved with that weren’t fulfilling. Cru was a place where I could not only meet awesome people and gain friendships, but it strengthened my relationship with Christ instead of hurting it.”

9. The most important thing in her life right now:

“The most important thing to me right now is my relationship with Christ and what role he has me playing here on earth to glorify Him. I care about a lot of people, take my academic life seriously, and love my family, but I’ve seen how none of that feels as meaningful without an intentional and constant relationship with Christ.”

If anyone has anymore questions about Kelsey, just go up ask her! I’m sure you know where she’ll be on Thursday evenings at 8:00 p.m. We hope to see you there too!

Until next time,

– Camille Sarabia


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